How to Register for Realm


Thanks for taking time to register for this ministry tool to serve our church family!  While Realm may be unfamiliar at first, it offers many new tools to help you connect with other members, communicate with ministry groups, update your own personal profile, as well as letting you give electronically and securely–with either individual or recurring gifts.

To get started, just email one of our administrative staff (click any name below), saying simply “Please help me register for Realm.”  They will then send you an e-invitation, which will take you through the registration process.  The best way to learn is to spend time with the software, which can be accessed online or by downloading the Realm app through iTunes or GooglePlay and using your mobile device.

Kay Holt                  Cindy Jones             Tracey Villarreal

Please  call the office and ask if you need more explanation or if you encounter any problems.  Thanks…and welcome to Realm!