Discipleship Opportunities for Adults

Sunday Morning Bible Study (9:30 am)
Join us on Sundays for Bible Study geared to your age or life-stage!
The Cove (college and beyond)  ♦   ESL student group
YA-1 (families with younger children)    ♦   YA-2 (families with older students)
MA-1 (couples 55+)     ♦    MA-2 (couples in 60+)
MA-3 (ages 65+)    ♦   MA-4 (ages 65+)
MA-5 Ladies (ages 50+)   ♦     MA-6 Men (ages 50+)
Senior Adult Men & Ladies (ages 75+)
Wednesday Nights (7:00 pm)


Join us every Wednesday night — other than announced holiday breaks — in the Seminar Room as our adults discover what Scripture says about WHO God is, WHAT His will demands from disciples, and HOW believers can deepen their faith to follow His lead.  Topics vary throughout the year depending on participant interest, so join us this week!

Wednesday Mornings (10:30 am) 


Join us every Wednesday at 10:30 am — other than announced holiday breaks — in the Seminar Room as our older adults gather to fellowship and study Scripture. Every second Wednesday, this group hosts a potluck lunch for all who wish to participate. (Currently, this group is not meeting due to COVID-19 concerns.)

Bible Study Fellowship Groups


Sensing the need for more relational connection, we ask our adult Sunday School classes to take time to make connections on a regular basis, though each group sets their own schedule.  Classes may gather in homes, at church, or even in restaurants to share a meal, developing and deepening personal relationships like the early church did—by breaking bread together as the family of God!

*Check with your Sunday School class for details.

Other Discipleship Opportunities


Northlake’s Ladies Ministry has offered a series of discipleship studies for many years, giving women an opportunity to learn more about God’s Word and His plan for their lives.  They use a variety of DVD-driven Bible studies, seeking to connect women to Christ and one another.
This class is usually offered on Tuesday nights and Friday mornings.

For more information contact our Pastor, John Carl